Wednesday, June 5, 2019
By Platinum Realty Florida
What Not To Do When Selling Your Home

Avoid these pitfalls when selling one of your most expensive assets:


Selling your home can be an emotional experience.  Once you decide to sell, it is best to treat the home like a product for sale and emotionally separate yourself from this major financial transaction.  Don't get personally offended with offers that are less than you would have preferred. Keep in mind the carrying costs involved if you do not accept an offer you feel is too low.

Closing Costs

Before signing a contract it is a good idea to get a written quote for seller's fee from the title company being used. There are more and more affiliated business transactions happening, that increase the costs that are being charged.

Home Staging

You will want to have your home staged with appropriately sized furniture so buyers can gauge the space and how it functions. Messy spaces even when they are large are hard for buyers to appreciate and the same goes for empty spaces. 


Professional photos are a MUST. Buyers are busy and want to see a lot of good photos online. Poor or no photos will make a house harder to sell. No one wants to see blurry or dark photos.

For Sale By Owner

You will want a knowledgeable person on your side when selling your most valuable asset. It is a Realtor's job to get you the best terms.  Trying to avoid paying commissions you lose the advocacy of an agent.

Price Too High

Knowledge is key and is abundant online nowadays. Buyers know what you paid, taxes etc. If the price is too high buyers might feel the sellers are not negotiable and won't make an offer. Buyers don't just "make offers". It needs to be priced right.


Don't invest too much money on areas that do not get a high return. Consult with a Realtor to learn where you should spend your money to achieve the biggest return. Don't forget to pay attention to curb appeal and make a dynamic first impression.

Disclosing Defects

It is always smart to disclose material defects that may not be observable by the buyer.  Failure to disclose could have devastating ramifications. 

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